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Welcome from Shaun & Donna O’Brien to CBD Hero Gold!

We are a family run business operating out of Manchester, UK. Our journey with CBD began just over 4 years ago with Donna became ill.

We sourced the best CBD we could (full spectrum, organic and vegan friendly) and began supplying a small group of friends and family.

We have expanded massively, now having a Facebook group with over 12000+ members (come join us! Facebook Group) and lots of happy customers.

We pride ourselves on being friends with every single one of our customers and are always happy to help, if you would like to contact us (for any reason!) please do not hesitate. Email us at via our secure contact form or contact us through our Facebook group Facebook where you will have us + 12000+ helpful members to speak with.

Thank you for visiting us today. Shaun & Donna O’Brien (co-founders of CBD Hero Gold)

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